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Studio 2014 Teaser: Smarter

Project file flexibility

Offering project managers and translators a new level of flexibility, QuickMerge is a smart, powerful feature that allows any number of files to be quickly merged together. Possible at any stage during the translation process, QuickMerge enables many files to be translated as one, meaning they benefit from greater levels of TM re-use, increased consistency, as well as the ability to apply 'global' functions such as spellchecker and find-and-replace. And when complete, the files are returned to their original state.

Total leverage

Discover new levels of Translation Memory (TM) leverage with Automatic Concordance. When translating a segment in Studio 2014, if no 100% or fuzzy match is available within the project TM, Automatic Concordance instantly sets to work, finding relevant translation suggestions for words or groups of words from within the project TM. This dynamic search functionality allows translators to make the most of every translation within their TM, which can speed up translations and improve overall consistency.

Automatically safeguard your work

New to Studio 2014, AutoSave guarantees that translation work is protected against any unexpected problems that may occur during translation. A smart way to avoid unnecessary re-work, AutoSave is also adjustable, so that the frequency of saving can be changed to suit the needs of the user. When active, AutoSave allows users to quickly recover a copy of their work should their computer freeze or crash.

Drag-and-Drop translatable files

A smart and effective way to instantly begin translating a new file, Studio 2014's new drag-and-drop functionality gives users the ability to grab files directly off their computer and take them directly into the Studio 2014 Editor pane to instantly begin translating.

HTML 5 File type support

Studio 2014 offers an unrivalled approach when working with HTML 5 projects. Offering a rich set of customizable options, translators working on HTML 5 projects have much greater freedom to edit and refine each of the file type options, meaning greater flexibility to drive HTML based projects in a way that suits their business.

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